Masonic Definitions

Land of Saints and Scholars

Ireland is known as ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars’. What a grand opportunity it must have been for young James Agar to enter Trinity College in Dublin on this day (May 6) in 1775! Now Trinity College is home to the most popular tourist attraction in Ireland — The Long Room Library. But in […]

I’ve not heard that word before…

Hele When spoken this word sounds the same as ‘heal’ or ‘heel’.  In the ritual it rhymes with words around it such as ‘conceal’, and ‘reveal’.  Indeed, the initiate hearing the word hele for the first time will begin to understand that it probably has a meaning connected to secrecy.  The educated man has learnt […]

Go big…

The word ‘dilate’ is usually heard in a health-care setting. When you visit an optometrist you may receive some drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils. The common man understands this is a verb, an action.  It is to physically make something wider or larger.  A Candidate receiving his first instructions within the tyled […]

“Do it with Enthusiasm” means something else to a Mason

Enthusiast. Today we want things done with enthusiasm, and we see an enthusiast as someone who is happy to do something.  The educated man understands that this was not always the meaning, and our Ritual draws from this earlier time to offer a warning.  Early in the 1700s there was a religious movement recognized as […]


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