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Parallelepipedon: The Presentation

Not long ago I had the pleasure of speaking at an online meeting of Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747 (GRC). Templum Lucis Lodge No. 747 is an Observant Lodge, based in Stratford Ontario. Their practices of an opening ode, closing ode, and strict dress code, are enforced even with online meetings. The evening was a […]

Wiped out? Forgotten?

Here is another word that is heard by Masons in our Ritual. But I’m pretty sure it isn’t used when a few guys get together for a coffee or other beverage. Effaced. Effaced rhymes with ‘defaced’ and doesn’t quite mean that.  The Mason on his journey is reminded of an earlier lecture, with the hope […]

Robbie Burns, and James Agar

Each January 25th there are many celebrations of the birth of Robbie Burns. He is recognized and honoured as the famous poet of Scotland. Also on this day we can bring to mind James Agar, on the anniversary of his death. He is underappreciated as an Irishman who did well in England. Both Robbie Burns […]

“Conduce” means something…

Here is a definition of a word found within Masonic ritual that is not common outside of our Lodge rooms. Conduce The uninitiated man might think the word was mis-pronounced and should have been ‘condense’, or perhaps ‘conduct’, or maybe ‘induce’.  A newly-made Mason upon hearing the word ‘conduce’ in the context of the lecture […]


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